Format: Website

Campaign: Mysteries of the Rainforest, Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is the leading organization working internationally to protect forests from destruction. In Rainforest Mysteries, we decided to showcase newly discovered plant and animal species in order to educate new and current donors about the incredible biodiversity of rainforests.

Thousands of new species are discovered yearly. We chose four for the user to “uncover” by clicking on each icon to reveal a photo and explanation of how and where the species was discovered. To drive home the point that there’s still so much left to learn about rainforests, the fifth frame suggests what could still be out there.

Unfortunately, the decimation of rainforests mean that many species will never be discovered. The sixth frame introduces need by sharing the facts with users and inviting them to become Forest Guardians, who make monthly gifts to ensure the protection of biodiversity and forests worldwide. Finally, the last frame gives users an opportunity to stay informed through email, and a static share button toolbar allows them to share on social media at any point in their experience.

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