Format: Website-Landing Page

Campaign: DPA Election Report Card

As the nation’s leading organization promoting sensible, health-based drug policy reform, the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) realized the 2016 presidential election – and the months leading up to it – would be a pivotal period for its cause. We leveraged it by creating an online campaign for Drug Policy Action, DPA’s advocacy arm, to showcase elected officials’ stances on drug policy reform in a powerful, shareable format.

The campaign’s landing page, which merged succinct copy and slick design, had “report cards” that assigned grades to elected officials based on their position on drug policy reform. Grades were based on an analysis of seven House votes, and members who voted consistently for progressive policies earned an A+.

The call-to-action was simple: enter your zip code to see your official’s voting history, and share the report card with your friends and family. Launched ahead of the election, the message was clear and powerful – if they are up for re-election, let this grading tool inform your choice.