Format: Social Media Campaign

Campaign: Holiday / Year-End, GLAAD

We know GLAAD’s audience supports LGBTQ rights, but because GLAAD’s work is multidisciplinary, we don’t currently have much data on what specific programs inspire their donors to give. We decided the best strategy for this campaign was to try a few different angles with the copy while keeping design all within the same brand. This allowed us to learn more about what aspects of the mission GLAAD’s supporters care about, as well as begin to create a design language that subtly differentiates GLAAD’s fundraising posts from the rest of their social posts, which is essential for an organization with such a strong social media presence.

Our first post plays off of the phrase "It's giving..." which serves to catch the attention of donors, and also people who may not yet be donors but who are familiar with the phrase. It starts off light and fun to get attention but reminds the audience why giving is important. Two of the posts were statistics heavy, with one being focused on holding the media accountable and the other on the growth in representation in the last year. ​​Another post leveraged holiday traditions by highlighting queer Christmas movies, and focused on how GLAAD’s work to make such strides possible can only be done through donor support. Our penultimate post was a simple, match-specific post, with our last post being a battle cry, telling donors not to get complacent and listing off hurdles the community is up against going into 2023.