Format: Social Media Campaign

Campaign: Year-End, Northeast Animal Shelter

With only days left in 2016, Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) had to get a message out to their donors—QUICK: Time was running out to make a tax-deductible gift, and thousands of homeless pets were counting on them…

To communicate this sense of urgency, we used bold imagery that put the tax deduction deadline front and center—and included attention-getting copy like “Countdown 12/31,” Your tax-deductible gift saves lives, “Last chance!” and “Doggone it! There are only 5 days left!”

We blanketed Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with these posts—and topped the campaign off with a Facebook cover image as one more (very adorable) reminder to support the Shelter in 2016.

Our efforts paid off! The year-end social posts provided NEAS with much-needed additional funding to help them care for even more pets in 2017.