Format: Integrated Ad Campaign

Campaign: Voting Rights, Legal Defense Fund

NAACP LDF fights to protect civil rights through litigation and advocacy, and one of the pillars of their work is political participation. Because 2014 was an election year and attacks on voting rights were in the spotlight, we created an integrated campaign that focused on the states with egregious instances of disenfranchisement.

The microsite acted as the centerpiece, allowing the user to read bite-sized pieces of information and share, report voting issues, or donate to protect voting rights. The design employs dark colors, bold fonts, and militaristic imagery to evoke a serious feel. The site was updated in real time throughout the campaign to reflect changes or additions to voter laws.

Although the campaign was created to educate the public, the mixture of email cultivations, alerts, and appeals raised $7,227 from 113 gifts. A direct mail insert and coordinated social media campaign drove additional traffic to the microsite. Together, these components positioned LDF as a reliable source for accurate voting information in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

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