Format: Email Message

Campaign: Monthly Giving Campaign, Citymeals on Wheels (New York City)

Located primarily in the five boroughs of New York City, a majority of the Citymeals audience falls in the 45+ age range. For this campaign and demographic, we leveraged the popularity of the New York Times Sunday crossword to highlight the problems of social isolation and food insecurity among elderly New Yorkers. Our Subject Line “What’s a seven letter word for…” or “Have you seen the Sunday crossword today” and Pre-text “We just need one more answer to solve the puzzle. Can you help?” ushered audiences into the content of this Sunday email where they solve the puzzle, “We DELIVER meals and smiles.” We ask our donor audience to become a new monthly sustaining supporter (or renew their monthly support) to help solve the problems homebound elderly face. The taglines “deliver meals and smiles” and “deliver kindness to the doorstep” encourages readers to sustain Citymeals with monthly gifts by equating home-delivered meals as the embodiment of the kindness they personally hold in their hearts for the elderly and the emotional impact donors can make throughout the year. Comforting elderly neighbors who struggle with loneliness is directly connected to monthly giving. This campaign also highlights the camaraderie of New Yorkers working together at a variety of levels — both within the organization and community, working as a unified team to accomplish Citymeals’ mission with sustained action.