Format: Email Message

Campaign: WSF Boxer Email

Women’s Sports Foundation’s audience are people (largely, but not exclusively, women) who support gender equality in sports. This email launched our year-end fundraising efforts for them, with a strong visual of a young woman boxing and copy that asked donors to get in the ring for the final fight of the year, leveraging a $200K match as an incentive. The visual shows the donors who they are fighting for, both literally, in the sense that the young woman featured will benefit from the work WSF is able to do with the donor’s gift, but also figuratively, in the sense that the young woman featured represents the strength and fight that young girls and women have always had but haven’t always had the opportunity to show. Amongst a sea of year-end emails, we wanted this email to stand out, and between the striking (pun intended) visual and copy that manages to be both themed and very informative, this email definitely achieved what we set out to do.