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Campaign: A Holiday Hit List, Animals' Angels

Animals' Angels has a very dedicated donor base of animal advocates. Our most successful campaigns for them are real-time (at least as far as the donors are concerned) updates on investigations, which always feature a kill buyer or, for lack of a better word, villain to inspire anger and in turn, inspire giving. Because we know focusing on the villains is effective for their messaging, we leverage that in our Holiday Hit List by profiling three different kill buyers. As an added bonus, profiling these kill buyers lets Animals' Angels donors know what — and who — AA's priorities are for the upcoming year. We've seen success with providing this donor base with “classified” and “top secret” information. Their donors want to feel like they are a part of the work AA does. They know that they personally can't do anything to stop the abuse Animals' Angels witnesses, but they know that if they support Animals' Angels, justice will be served.