Format: Email Message

Campaign: African Wildlife Foundation World Rhino Day Email

We know that African Wildlife Foundation’s donors are committed to saving rhinos. So much so, that we centered the critical fall sustainer campaign on World Rhino Day. In this email, we asked current monthly donors to upgrade their support.

This powerful email plays off the fact that, mid-pandemic, events around the world were being cancelled – but not World Rhino Day. We put the hard truth of rhino poaching right in the donor’s face, dispelling the myths and misinformation, and laying the blame for rhinos’ pending extinction squarely at the feet of greedy wildlife traffickers.

Donors who responded to the email had an additional incentive in helping to meet our goal of 100 upgraded monthly donors. Their first upgraded gift would be matched dollar for dollar if they acted by September 22, World Rhino Day. The campaign exceeded its goal.