Citymeals Re-engagement Visual Email

Industry: Non-profit

Format: Email message

Citymeals on Wheels is a New York City institution, providing a vital lifeline of nourishing meals and warm human companionship to thousands of homebound elderly New Yorkers across the five boroughs.

We created a re-engagement campaign to draw in people who hadn’t opened Citymeals emails in a while, and the overall message to their supporters was simple: We know you still care deeply about your frail aged neighbors, and we recognize that.

In order to harness this message, we created a highly engaging visual email to showcase Citymeals’ mission in action. Compelling facts about elder hunger coupled with statistics on Citymeals’ work — from how many meals they delivered to how many meal recipients they served — came together in a striking infographic. Large icons and bright colors mirrored the organization’s website, inviting email recipients to explore it with one simple call-to-action: Learn more.

The email also touched upon other little known facts not often mentioned in their regular mailings — for example, how many heartfelt handmade greeting cards were delivered during special occasions. And it all came together beautifully to convey the sentiment at the heart of the campaign… to tell supporters just how important they are, acknowledging their role in caring for the city’s elderly.