Format: Email Message

Campaign: 2,000 Heroes for Homeless Kids, Covenant House

Our client, Covenant House, has been providing loving care and vital services to homeless youth since 1972. With a 2,000-supporter goal set for their donor drive this summer, we knew it would be critical to position the impact of a single person’s gift in a compelling, succinct manner.

To establish this message with prospective donors, we created an email that does more than just tell the journey of a homeless child – but allows the reader to go on that journey with them. As one moves through the email, you are immediately drawn into the gritty visuals and strong language of “life on the streets.” You are then “brought into” the walls of Covenant House – with more hopeful, bright content to describe the organization’s transformative services by the email’s end.

By allowing a reader to know the experiences of a homeless kid, paired with the concrete resources of Covenant House, we reinforced the lifesaving impact of a person’s donation – all in one powerful email.