Format: Email Message

Campaign: Holilday Year-End Campaign, Classroom Africa

We know that people are ready to give generously and get tax deductions right at the end of the year, so we developed a campaign for Classroom Africa that would take advantage of the tax deduction deadline and introduce a $100,000 holiday match to multiply a donor’s support.

Classroom Africa’s photography tells its story: this organization is dedicated to uplifting Africa’s children by bringing high-quality teachers and sustainable schools to rural communities that normally would not receive these resources. Our email campaign began with the story of Djambo, a boy who now attends a Classroom Africa school, with prominent calls to action to double your gift. The campaign continued with increasingly visual appeals, including a gift guide that showed users how their donation would give double the school supplies, and an actual report card from a Classroom Africa student.

In order to increase urgency, an extension deadline was added to give supporters the opportunity to triple their gift for a limited time. This tactic brought a sizable increase in donors for the relatively new organization.