Format: Nonprofit email

Campaign: African Wildlife Foundation Advocacy on Climate Change

We know people who care about wildlife, like supporters of African Wildlife Foundation, also care about climate change. But the potentially devastating consequences of climate change on Africa’s wildlife aren’t always clear. We wanted to help AWF motivate their donors to to act against climate change by telling them what’s in store for their favorite species as the planet warms.

In November of 2016, we ran an email featuring a compelling image of gorillas along with a startling statistic about the expected impact of climate change on their habitat. Following images featured elephants, cheetahs and migrating species with stark statistics that underscore the dangers they face in global warming. This advocacy effort asked supporters to tell delegates at the COP 22 to propose and enact policy that will mitigate climate change. A dynamic counter bar showed supporters how close we were to our goal of 30,000 signatures.