Format: Social media

Campaign: “What’s Your Spirit Animal?” Quiz, African Wildlife Foundation

“I’m a chimp! What’s your spirit animal?” This summer, building on the growing popularity of “quiz-taking,” we developed the African Spirit Animal Quiz campaign for the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). This quick, light-hearted quiz revealed which unique African animal a reader was most like. Using playful copy and stunning wildlife photographs, we strategically drove users to the quiz’s landing page across AWF’s social networks.

In addition to utilizing the organization’s own social media—from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter—quiz-takers could also share their custom quiz results on their own profiles using our quiz’s automated share buttons. This comprehensive engagement created fast buzz on the Spirit Animal Quiz and, in doing so, raised awareness for AWF’s ongoing mission to protect endangered species too!

The African Spirit Animal Quiz campaign successfully gained nearly 3,000 new email subscribers and brought in a revenue total of $5,151 by campaign’s end.

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